Joint Accounts

 Learn about the changes that affect joint accounts.

How does this affect joint accounts?
When we switch to the new system, account owners will no longer need  to share their Online Banking and AUDREY login credentials with joint accountholders in order to enable the joint accountholder to access the account information. Instead, both the account owner and the joint accountholder will each be able to use their own individual login credentials to access the joint account information within Online Banking and AUDREY.

Suggested action: After we switch to the new system on June 4, we strongly encourage all accountholders to establish their own individual login credentials rather than sharing the credentials of others.

Please note: If you are currently sharing credentials with others, in order to eliminate that shared access, you will also need to change your Online Banking password on or before June 4 and not share it.

Learn more about what this means to the account owner (also known as the “tax owner”) and the joint accountholder.

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I don’t currently have my own Online Banking login credentials. How can I obtain them?

  1. If you have a member number with Affinity, you can get login credentials on or after June 4 by following these instructions:
    • Online Banking: Go to the Login box on the homepage of Affinity’s website (, click on “New User?”, then follow the onscreen instructions. (Please note that you’ll need to have your member number handy; if you’re unsure of your member number, call us at 800.325.0808).
    • AUDREY (automated phone banking service):
      • Dial 800.325.0808 and follow the prompts to reach AUDREY. When prompted, enter your member number, and then use the last four digits of your social security number as your PIN.
      • You will be prompted to pick a new PIN. Please note: You cannot select a PIN that has already been chosen by someone with whom you have linked accounts (such as someone with whom you have joint accounts). If you do, you’ll be asked to select a new PIN.
  2. If you don’t have a member number with Affinity, contact us on or after June 4 and we will provide you with a “joint member number” to use. Once you have that number, follow the same instructions shown above.

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I share my account with someone else, but I don’t know which one of us is the “account owner” and which one is the “joint accountholder.” How do I find that out?
You can either:

  • Ask an Affinity Representative: Call 800.325.0808 or stop by a branch.
  • Use our Account Look-Up Tool. When you view your list of accounts, locate the account and:
    • If it’s labeled as a “joint account,” that means you are the joint accountholder.
    • If it is not labeled as a joint account, then you are the account owner.


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